The story behind Lumity


On a mission to help women live their most fulfilling and joyful life, Lumity is the morning & night anti-aging supplement that works from within to restore youthful efficiency at the cellular level.

Clinically tested with proven results, Lumity’s unique twice-daily formula harnesses the body’s circadian rhythm to improve skin, energy and wellness by countering 9 aging causes. Lumity contains a scientifically calibrated blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work synergistically to nourish the body and stimulate its natural aging defenses. Unlike supplements formulated for the isolated correction of areas like skin, hair or nails, Lumity’s ingredients help build a foundation of health for beauty benefits you can see and feel, well beyond what is possible through diet and lifestyle alone.


Lumity's targeted all-in-one approach takes the guesswork out of what to buy, how much to take and how to take it and offers your body all of what you need to effectively slow aging, and none of what you don't.


Lumity is your morning & night anti-aging supplement to help counter 9 causes of aging from within.

Read the story behind Lumity and meet our formulator and Chief Scientist, Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD.

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