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While taking Lumity for 90 days, patients felt improvements in their overall wellness.


noted improved energy & better sleep


saw positive improvement in their hair, skin & nails


felt more alert


felt they had a more positive outlook on life

Change You Can See

In a 12-week placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study, Lumity significantly improved key skin attributes connected to aging.

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Visible improvement in overall appearance.

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Visible reduction in wrinkle width, fine lines and pigmentation.

Clinically tested with proven results

Lumity showed significant improvement in skin roughness, dullness, hydration & firmness


The placebo-controlled double-blind, two cell study was conducted on 50 Participants, ages 35-65 for 12 weeks. Participants took Lumity supplements or placebo twice daily.

*Statistical significant improvement versus baseline p ≤ 0.05

Smart Ingredients

We have selected an ideal balance of vitamins, minerals and our own proprietary commplexes that combat all 9 aging processes in order to give tangible results.

9 Causes of Aging

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