Pro Ice Roller

Pro Ice Roller

Lumity’s Ice Roller is a professional grade ice roller for your face that puts your skin through a workout akin to an at home facial. Aids lymphatic drainage at a cellular level and gets to work to tame inflamed skin. Reduces redness from breakouts, skin looks instantly brightened, balanced and smooth with an even tone.

Ideal to use before applying make up, or at any time when your skin’s in need of an instant pick me up. It’s especially effective on puffy under-eyes right after you’ve woken up.

Perfect when used at the end of your skincare routine, as it helps products absorb even further.


Keep in the fridge or freezer for at least 15 minutes so your roller is ice cold before use. Treat your face in sections. Start near your nose and work outward, gently rolling. Sweep under your eyes, and then let the ice roller just sit under them for a few moments. Roll across your forehead. Do this until it gets warmer in temperature. Then, wipe it off with a damp paper towel spritzed with a non-toxic cleaner and pop it back in the freezer.

Respecting our planet

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is a very important focus for Lumity and we are constantly testing and implementing environmentally-friendly solutions for our product packaging. Lumity has never tested any of our products on animals and we pledge to remain fully committed to protecting the planet and sustainability.

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Read what our clients noticed

"My hair has changed noticeably. It has youthful vitality to it and is much thicker. My skin too feels more moist and my nails stronger too. Even though I have wrinkles I feel amazing."

Jessica via PowerReviews

"The oil isn’t greasy but is heavy so you only need ONE drop. I pat It into my skin ever night & when I wake up in the morning my skin looks fimer. My skin looks really healthy and glowy."

Jade via PowerReviews

"Delivery was easy to track with great communication. Have been using Lumity for a week now and am starting to notice positive effects."

Nikki via PowerReviews

"Wonderful product and very honest company reducing the price of their product when transferring product to eco friendly packaging."

Vanessa via PowerReviews

"I have been using this product since last November in the run up to my wedding in October and have been very happy with the results."

Anna via PowerReviews

"My little bottle of liquid gold arrived perfectly packaged as always! Thank you Lumity."

Gillian via PowerReviews
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