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Lumity: Happiness at 50 survey

Women in their fifties are happier now than they were when they were younger.

Women in their 50s used to fear that their best years were behind them. Instead they are enjoying a vibrant and focused ‘phase two’ of their life, according to a study by healthy ageing supplement brand LUMITY. 

British women in their sixth decade said they felt happier and healthier than ever and had discovered a brand new inner and outer confidence.

The concept of age was no longer a factor – with many saying they view their birthdays as a chance for a celebration. They said everything from fitness to finances have improved.

Just over half the women in the survey said they had ‘never been happier’ and 76% said their age is something they feel gratitude for.

Two thirds admitted they felt more beautiful and intelligent than they did when they were younger.

Giving up alcohol and adopting a healthy lifestyle had made a notable difference, with 67% saying that they ‘felt truly alive’ due to the power of seizing the moment.

Commissioned by LUMITY, the survey covered 2,000 women aged from 50 to 59.

Janice Gammell, Lumity’s Managing Director, said: ‘Lumity is all about supporting you to live life on your terms. Having recently turned 50 myself I’m not surprised at the findings of our survey. Every day our clients in their fifties tell us how much they are seeking to make this their best decade yet.’

The women said that they are more educated about wellness than they had been when younger, giving them more self-care ‘tools’ to help them enjoy life.

They also experienced less insecurity and fears, with 61 per cent admitting they had started to see mistakes as lessons and a chance to learn rather than something to fret over.

Having more disposable income also made the women in their 50s happier, with 78% per cent saying they saw investing in their health and wellbeing as a priority over buying stocks, shares and luxury items such as designer shoes and handbags.

Health had improved, with 66 per cent saying they felt physically stronger than ever. A further 59 per cent said they had stripped out alcohol and processed food from their diets because they had a negative impact on mental and physical health. Sixty-two per cent said they exercise at least three times a week.

But 19 per cent admitted that they had issues with sleep and energy levels with their elderly parents and children being listed as the things that worry them the most on a daily basis.

Lumity’s creator, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, said: ‘Lumity supports your best (optimum) health so that you have the freedom, strength and energy to fully pursue what makes you happiest. When your health is strong and vibrant, you are no longer defined by your age.’

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