Morning & Night Male Supplements
Morning & Night Male Supplements
Morning & Night Male Supplements
Morning & Night Male Supplements
Morning & Night Male Supplements
Morning & Night Male Supplements

Morning & Night Male Supplements

Now more than ever it's important to boost your immunity. Lumity’s formula includes vitamins A, C and D plus the minerals selenium and zinc, which are a powerhouse combination that contribute to immune health, helping you stay fit, healthy and strong inside and out.

Our 2-step morning and night formula has been scientifically engineered to support men perform their best due to enhanced health and wellbeing.*

Our Morning & Night Male Supplements help optimise your mind, body and performance with benefits that include; increased energy levels, improved alertness, focus, endurance and vitality, reduced tiredness, strong bones, joints, teeth and muscles, boosted immunity, reduced oxidative stress, plus healthy skin, hair and nails. Utilizing a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and amino acids, they work around the clock so that you can too.*


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Morning & Night Supplements
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Real results, real ingredients

Optimising your performance 24|7

Energy & Alertness*

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Joints, Muscles &

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Endurance, Vitality &
Brain Health*

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Immune Support*

Reduced Tiredness*

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Oxidative Stress Support*

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Hair, Skin &

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Joints, Muscles &

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How does it work?

Take 4 morning softgels upon waking and 4 night softgels right before you go to sleep. Simply take your softgels with a few sips of water.

Try not to skip a dose or miss a day as the body puts the nutrients where they're needed first. Tip: Keep your Lumity bottles by your toothbrush as a reminder not to forget to take them.

Customer feedback

Real talk from our customers

"Around the 5/6 day mark, I began to notice that I didn’t feel as sluggish or lethargic during the late afternoon like I usually do. I also found that I was able to focus on things slightly longer than normal -I get distracted very easily" - Luke Christian

"My nails are stronger and clearer, my hair just feels and looks healthier and I’ve noticed my skin looks much more radiant...I’ve definitely not felt as tired in the evenings and I’ve noticed that I’ve been waking up earlier than normal ready to kickstart my day." - John,

“I’ve been taking Lumity’s supplements for three years and was so happy when they finally released a men’s version. My husband had regularly been stealing my softgel capsules, it was wonderful to be able to buy him his own, along with powerful ingredients for men.” - Jane Friedman

"Lumity ticks all the boxes as an anti-ageing food supplement and an excellent choice for men who want to remain youthful, energetic and vital in an increasingly competitive world." - Dr Andre Nel

"I’m not one to obsess over my skin but it does look healthier and I’m not tired, stressed and run down all the time like I used to be." - Hamish Jones

"I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who feels in need of a lifestyle overhaul but just can’t find the energy to make the necessary changes, Lumity gave me that nudge I needed and now I’m happy and healthy and loving life." - Clive Richards

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The ingredients to age well

Successful aging starts here

Lumity is a scientifically formulated blend of quality essential nutrients, vitamins minerals and amino acids for healthy ageing, without the anti-nutritional binding agents, coatings, fillers, anti-caking agents, preservatives and flavourings found in many other supplements. We would never test on animals.


L-Citrulline will ehance the energy-boosting qualities of the Lumity Morning softgels while providing added male-specific benefits.*

Pumpkin Seed Oil

High in carotenoids and lipo-soluble nutrients and has long been touted as a health boon, especially for men due to its beneficial effects on prostate health.*


Taurine is an organic acid, which acts as a lipid/membrane stabiliser in the body and can aid various anti-oxidant defence systems.*


"A definite increase in energy levels"

"Since I've started taking Lumity supplements I’ve noticed a definite increase in energy levels. Throughout the day I have longer, more sustainable performance bursts, with quicker recovery times. Not only am I sleeping better, I've also noticed a seriously thicker head of hair too."*
- Will Russell, 50, Los Angeles