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Lightweight & Durable

We use a matte coated, infinitely-recyclable, food grade aluminium, meaning these compact Travel Cases will stand the test of time. Net weight 2.7 grams.

Handbag & Travel Friendly

These lightweight Travel Cases have been designed with your lifestyle in mind. They're small enough to keep in a handbag or toiletry case with easy screw-on lids for convenient daily use.

Supports Consistency

Designed to be used on the go, these lightweight and easy to use Travel Cases help you to stay consistent by supporting your busy lifestyles and last minute travel plans. Each case is designed to hold up to a 10 day supply of Morning and Night supplements.

Sustainable Packaging

Made from 100% infinitely recyclable, food-grade aluminium with fully recyclable outer packaging.

B Corp certified

We’re dedicated to ethical business practices, positive social impact and environmental sustainability

Supplement Travel Cases

Designed for those on the go, these eco-conscious Supplement Travel Cases are designed to help prioritise your health and wellness, wherever you are. Perfect for summer holidays, weekends away or last-minute plans.  We’ve made our infinitely-recyclable Travel Cases lightweight, durable and handbag friendly. Simply fill them up and take them with you.

Each case has been designed to hold up to a 10 day supply of your Morning & Night supplements.

Welcome to wellness on the go.

*Morning & Night supplements sold separately 

Supplement Travel Cases
Supplement Travel Cases
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