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Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

The ultimate skin love. This lightweight oil, rich in phytonutrients absorbs easily to deliver advanced moisture to the skin, reinforcing its natural barrier whilst helping to prevent and reduce the signs of ageing. Skin is instantly more radiant and supple.* Formulated with 32 of the worlds most nutritious plant oils and extracts, this cult-favourite oil also includes an aromatherapy blend of 8 essential oils offering a real home-spa experience. This uplifting, luxurious concentrate is the definitive feel-good indulgence for your skin.


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Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

Consumer Trial

A group of 100 women were invited to take part in a consumer study about the anti ageing results of our Skin Nutrients Facial Oil.

Saw an improvement in at least one skin characteristic.

Noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Said the hydration and quality of their skin improved.

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