5 Alternative beauty uses for Lumity Facial Oil - It's not just for your face!

You may have heard that Lumity Facial Oil is a natural powerhouse when it comes to keeping your skin looking lovely but that’s not all it can do. We take a look at other ways this magical oil can help to keep you looking gorgeous – with advice from some of our fantastic experts. 

It is easy to assume that a facial oil has been carefully created to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to promote elasticity and hydration of the skin. But people are discovering even more benefits of this wonder and they're not just for your face. 

We asked several of our favourite beauty experts to tell us how else they use Lumity Facial Oil.

How an oil can help to heal sunburn

Lumity Facial Oil is packed with 32 antioxidant-rich plant oils such as Marula Oil which contains vitamins C and E. And while prevention is always better than cure, some industry insiders say it could be great to treat sunburn. Fashion and beauty influencer Alex Light says: “If you get an unfortunate case of sunburn applying Lumity Facial Oil can help heal the skin.” 

She says it works on the scalp if that gets burned too. Perfect to pop in your beauty bag for when you're travelling to sunny climes this summer. 

Did you know you can use a Facial Oil as makeup? 

Stylist and fashion editor Donna McCulloch – better known as Sulky Doll – swears by Lumity Facial Oil as a natural highlighter. 
“Just use one drop and dab it with the flat of your hand on the bones of your face. Use it on your cheekbones, nose, brow and jaw,” she tells us. “Because it’s moisturising too it’s a good idea to place it on the areas that get a lot of sun and wind exposure.

How to smooth fly away hair and make your oil a multi-tasker

A drop or two rubbed between your hands and smoothed over your locks can work wonders for fly aways and beauty editor Lisa Barrett likes to use it to hydrate the ends too.
“I use it everywhere,” she says. “Neck, chest, hands and when I’m in a rush, after applying to the face I often run the remnants through the ends of my hair to smooth down frizzles.”

Can you use an oil on dry skin? 

Whether you suffer from dry skin or because there’s been a change in weather Lumity Facial Oil will help hydrate it.
“It’s fantastic for dry skin patches,” says Donna. “Also, because it’s all natural and made from natural botanical oils I feel comfortable using it on my children too.”
One standout ingredient is Hawaiian beauty secret Kukui Seed Oil which has been hailed for its soothing properties and can leave even the driest, most troubled skin glowing.

How to make your own lip scrub 

If you’ve got dry, rough lips a gentle scrub will get rid of the dead skin and smooth your pout out. 
Beauty expert Candice Meggan told us how to make your own using Lumity Facial Oil.
“Add a few drops of Lumity to coarse brown sugar granules and gently buff over your lips. Wipe off with a damp cotton pad. Next dab some more Lumity Oil onto your lips and massage gently in sweeping motions from side to side. Once the Lumity is absorbed top your lips with a lip mask, you can use a gel lips mask which fits over your lips or a product like I am using which is a thick balm you put on before bed and it sets over your lips. It provides intensive hydration overnight. You will wake up with soft kissable lips.”

Have you discovered other uses for your Lumity Facial Oil? If so, we’d love to hear! Contact us on Facebook or Instagram, or simply send us an email.

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