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We Have Achieved B Corp Certification!

We are proud to announce our recent attainment of B Corp Certification, solidifying our commitment to social and environmental responsibility within the wellness industry. We are one of the first supplement brands in the UK to achieve this prestigious recognition.

B Corp Certification is a testament to our dedication to values beyond profit, encompassing ethical business practices, social impact, and environmental sustainability. Our mission to empower our community aligns seamlessly with the rigorous standards upheld by B Corp - demonstrating our commitment to making a positive impact on both people and planet.

With a focus on empowering women and men throughout their journeys to health, wellness and longevity, our B Corp Certification amplifies the brand's overall impact. Our vision for the future of wellness not only considers individual health, but also a more sustainable and equitable world.

Our gender-diverse leadership team and an 80% female workforce, help to champion diversity and equality across our community, starting within our own team - creating a workplace that not only reflects the values of the organisation but also serves as a beacon for others in the corporate world.

"Our mission at Lumity is to empower people to feel their absolute best. This mission doesn't just apply to our customers, but also to our employees and our community. We’re very proud to be one of just a handful of supplement companies that have received the B Corp accreditation, and will strive to consistently make choices that not only make a positive impact to the world, but inspire our community to do so as well. Our products take their lead from science and nature, and sustainable, ethical choices are at the heart of how we build this brand, not just in product and packaging decisions, but also in how we support our employees at Lumity and our community - the #LumityCollective."

- Marek Mossakowski, Lumity CEO

Our mission at Lumity is to empower people to look and feel their best.

We exist to support the health, strength and wellness of our customers and our supplements are the result of years of dedicated scientific research & independent clinical trials. Developed to nourish and protect the body, we pride ourselves on superior product design, quality of ingredients and proven efficacy. All of our formulas take their lead from nature and are perfected by science - using natural ingredients, avoiding anything artificial or synthetic. 

Our supplements come in easily absorbable formats, free from the usual artificial fillers, coatings, binding agents and preservatives that may be present elsewhere on the market. Our respect for the power of the natural world is hardwired into our company ethos and extends beyond our products. It’s why we’re leading the charge on sustainable business practice in the wellness sector; with fully recyclable or reusable packaging across our range, fully compostable supplement pouches, Leaping Bunny certification and supply chain checks that ensure all our ingredients are of the highest possible purity & quality and sourced from responsible suppliers who match our standards and values.