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How to harness the power of your body’s natural rhythm and thrive

How to harness the power of your body’s natural rhythm and thrive

Created in partnership with AllBright


As the days get shorter, the air gets crisper and the flu makes its way round, it’s normal to feel a bit run down and low on energy. Whether you’re in need of a better night’s sleep, a boost to your immunity or a way to swap the 4pm slump for improved focus, we’ve got the remedy to help you feel the best version of yourself.

At AllBright we want to empower you to feel you can take on anything, no matter the season. That’s why this winter we’ve partnered with Lumity, the industry-leading wellness brand on a mission to support you to look and feel your absolute best, with their clinically-tested, award-winning nutritional supplements & skincare.

Together we’re exploring how to enhance your health and wellness, with science-backed products that complement your body’s natural processes and rhythm and really deliver on their promises. In clinical trials, Lumity’s hero supplement duo Morning & Night achieved impressive results including

84% of participants reporting better sleep quality, improved emotional balance and increased immunity.

Why take supplements?

The pace of modern living, career climbing, the ageing process and big life transitions like pregnancy and the menopause all put our bodies under strain. It’s essential to support your body with the right nutrition, at the right time to thrive, not just survive. A well balanced diet can deliver a lot of what our body needs, but we know busy lifestyles mean this isn’t always achievable. Plus, with the global decline in soil quality, the fruit and vegetables we eat are not as nutrient dense as they once were. This is where supplementation can really step up and support you to get the nutrition you need to protect your body, feel good and age well.
Lumity’s Chief Nutritionist, Lindsey Ormond, explains the nutritional foundation Lumity provides:

“Lumity’s Morning & Night formula is an all-in one supplement packed with vitamins, minerals, omega 3s, botanicals and amino acids – all of which give you that extra nutritional coverage to support your body in sustaining optimum health, beauty and vitality.”

And the science speaks for itself. Lumity is one of the only clinically tested supplements on the market. Based on clinical trials, 92% of study participants taking Lumity supplements noticed improved skin with fewer lines and wrinkles and increased hydration, plus glossy hair and strong nails. 84% reported they had more energy, stronger immunity with fewer colds, improved sleep and better emotional balance.

What is the circadian rhythm and why is it so important to support it?

Think of the circadian rhythm as your body clock, with day mode and night mode, responsible for regulating your sleep, body temperature, blood pressure, hormones, heartbeat, metabolism and all your bodily processes. Your circadian rhythm responds to light and dark, signalling when it’s time to get up and engage ‘active mode’ or kickstart ‘repair mode’ as you head off to bed. Playing a vital role in sustaining health, evidence suggests that the circadian system also influences ageing and longevity in significant ways.

During its natural cycles through day and night, your body requires different nutrients. What makes Lumity’s supplement so innovative is that the formula is split into two parts, designed to work in harmony with your circadian rhythm and support your body with the nutrients it needs, when it needs them most.

Take the Morning softgels after waking up to support mental clarity and focus, restore vitality, protect against inflammation and oxidative stress as well as rejuvenate your hair, skin, nails and joints. Then at bedtime, take the Night softgels - which enhances the regenerative and repair stages of your sleep cycle and contributes to better sleep quality - allowing you to wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

The story behind Lumity’s supplements

Lumity was born out of founder Dr Sara Palmer Hussey’s need for a sustainable boost of energy and immunity support following the birth of her first child in 2013. A Cambridge PHD biologist, she worked to develop a new formula that activated on a cellular level and harnessed the power of the body’s natural circadian rhythm, delivering key nutrients to your body at the right time. After several years of clinical research and development, Lumity pioneered its revolutionary Morning & Night formula.

Dr Palmer-Hussey explains, as a single, working mum she wanted a natural way to improve her energy and health. As a scientist, she knew that the products available on the market didn’t offer holistic, tangible results.

“I wanted to create a supplement that took its lead from the body; that came in a natural, easily absorbable format, free from the usual fillers, coatings, binding agents and preservatives in other supplements and most importantly, delivered real benefits.”

Almost ten years later, the Lumity supplement and skincare range has caught the attention of industry experts and celebrities and today, they’re loved by the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Helena Christensen.

“I love that Lumity is a low-commitment health and beauty secret that meets women where they are in their lives. Lumity supports your overall beauty routine - it makes everything you're currently doing work more effectively. It doesn't require a lifestyle overhaul but instead gives the extra energy support we need to do all the things we set out to do each day.” – Helena Christensen, international Supermodel, Photographer and Campaigner

Ready to harness the power of your body’s natural rhythm? Feel your best at home and at work, with a helping hand from Lumity.

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