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'Lumity genuinely makes you feel well’ – one woman shares her 4-month diary

'Lumity genuinely makes you feel well’ – one woman shares her 4-month diary

Lumity genuinely makes you feel well’ – one woman shares her 4-month diary

When Londoner Patsy Nembhard turned 46, she began to feel more lethargic and noticed her skin had become dull, her skin became increasingly dry, her nails were brittle and she struggled to maintain a good sleep routine.

Keen to find a vitamin to help, Patsy researched supplements available for women in this stage of life and discovered Lumity by chance when reading an article. Now 51, and a Lumity convert, Patsy has noticed a huge difference in her skin, nails and energy levels.

Here, Patsy shares her diary:

Month 1

One month in, Patsy told us she didn’t see much difference at this stage. She says: “The first month I didn’t really notice a massive change. Thinking back, after three weeks I maybe wasn’t as tired. My skin was OK but not as good as before.”

Month 2

It was during the second month that Patsy saw the first changes. She reveals: “Lumity really began to work during the 2ndmonth. I noticed a difference especially during the afternoon; I no longer had the afternoon slump and I had more energy. It was nice to feel less lethargic. Although my nails hadn’t grown long, they began to feel stronger. My skin was also looking a little brighter.”

Month 3

There was even more improvement after the third month. Patsy told us: “I had more energy and my skin was 90% back to normal. It was as though I was cleaned from the inside out. I have had lots of comments regarding my skin – it looks fantastic especially for my age.”

Month 4

By the fourth month, Lumity was helping with Patsy’s mood and muscles. She says: “I really noticed the changes in how my overall body was feeling. The muscle aches and pains have gone, the persistent knee pain seems to have cleared up and my mood has regulated. It also helps that the product is made from natural ingredients.”

After just four months taking Lumity, Patsy has seen a noticeable difference in her health and appearance. She says: “Lumity genuinely makes you feel well. I’m less prone to colds and my body actually feels good. It’s hard to explain, it’s a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

“Lumity isn’t the cheapest on the market but when you consider the one product contains everything, I’m actually saving money. I still use a good quality facial moisturiser as I believe this protects the skin from external factors and I use the Lumity facial oil as my base.”

Patsy even got the seal of approval from her personal trainer. She adds: “For the New Year I started personal training sessions and the trainer recommended I take certain supplements. I sent him the link for Lumity and he was very impressed. His response was, “Wow, that has everything in it that you need, even for training.”

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