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24th JUNE 2024

This LA Personal Trainer Shares Her Summer Wellness Tips

With the Summer Solstice fast approaching and sunshine-filled days (finally) setting in, we turned to someone who knows a thing or two about getting the best out of the warm weather: Los Angeles native and celebrity fitness trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis. Speaking openly about wellness, motherhood & how to stay motivated, we asked Amy to share the products she can’t live without and what advice she'd share on finding balance this summer - exclusively for the #LumityCollective.

We share a common interest in promoting sustainable self-care and "imperfect" wellness. Can you share how you define this, and what it looks like in your day-to-day?

Every day looks totally different for me. In fact, the only sustainable part of my routine is knowing that it’s likely to be totally unpredictable day by day, which includes a lot of flexibility and a lot of self-forgiveness. I try to put energy towards the things I can control when it comes to tending to my overall wellbeing—things like the brands I support, the products I use, the foods I eat, and how I move my body.

Some days, that might look like staying up late answering emails, knowing that I’m going to feel calmer the next day because there are fewer bolds in my inbox. Other days, I have more space to dive deeper into my self-care routine with an infrared sauna session, more intensive food prep, or a longer workout that sets me up for a ton of energy throughout the day. Regardless, I’m on this new kick of choosing “fluidity over friction”. Whichever is the path of least resistance, that’s the one I’ll take. Who has the bandwidth for anything else?! 

You’re spoken in interviews before about supporting your clients—such as Selena Gomez on tour—with nutrition and fitness. Based on that experience, what suggestions would you make for the #LumityCollective to optimise their energy and performance amidst demanding workloads or excessive travel?

My career has been a wild, unexpected journey that has included travel, a robust roster of high-profile clients, acting jobs, events, and working with brands (like Lumity, whom I love!)....but nothing prepared me for what it would be to become a parent. I say this because a lot of what I’ve learned about optimising energy and maximising my nutrition and fitness has come from this intense, daily balancing act.

I’m all about finding what allows you to show up for yourself consistently. My days are going to go up and down as I sift through the chaos of a busy, dynamic life, but I know that—as long as my baseline is stable and secure—I’ll have the physical, emotional, and mental resilience to bounce back from…say…a night of rough sleep or travel.  

Some things that keep me grounded:

  • Proper nourishment, which means eating nutritionally dense whole foods that help support better detoxification, improve gut health, and reduce inflammation.
  • Moving my body as much as I can—a walk, yoga practice, a hard workout, dance party…anything that feels good (and is fun, most importantly).
  • Hydration. I drink water alllll day long, trying to hit half my bodyweight in ounces per day.
  • High-quality sleep. Getting the “right” amount of sleep can be a challenge in my house, so I’ve had to learn how to get high-quality sleep no matter the quantity of hours (you really never know with kids). This has made my mindfulness practice a top priority.
  • Mindful gratitude practice. I like to get into a flow of giving myself a couple, dedicated minutes per day to think about all of the great things in my life, what I want for my future self, and making space (mentally and otherwise) for new greatness by letting go of excess detritus that might be holding me back.
  • A self-care routine…whatever that means to you! For me, it’s blocking out 30 min-to-one hour at least per week to do a sauna session, work out, tend to my skincare regimen, or whatever feels like a treat / slowdown at that moment.

Your kids are at an age where they have boundless energy! How do you and your partner keep up?

It’s not easy, and yet, leading my life with gratitude helps me wiggle out of whatever stressful or exhausting situation I’m in. A part of keeping up with my kids is simply meeting them where they’re at in the current moment with no expectation for our lives to be chaos-free. I’m clear that our lives won’t be slowing down anytime soon, which means I need to let go of any future anticipation of what things should be and just connect with things as they are.

It involves a lot of creativity and multi-tasking - my kids and I will do “parallel play” often. If I have emails, I’ll set them up with a “play station” so we can all feel like we’re working together. It helps them stay off of their screens and get away from the need to be entertained. As a result, I’ve noticed they’re much better at self-play and self-soothing, which helps me open up space for myself!

What are your go-to meals for summer nutrition? 

I love a buddha bowl-type situation where I can throw in whatever veggies are in season - some fresh herbs, lemon, a flavorful sauce - and know that I’ve given myself complete nutrition without a ton of prep. There’s just so much variety—succotash in the summer, root veggies in the winter—that makes it the best canvas for rotating diverse foods in and out, and keeping things new and fresh for me and my clients!

Obviously my salad pizza and pasta salad. I have found it super rewarding to be able to enjoy some of my favorite pastimes without sacrificing on nutrition. I’m also obsessed with grilling—especially in the summer. I’ll just throw anything and everything onto the grill for a super clean and easy protein and veg meal.

You have an encouraging push-it-to-the-limit mentality and it shows in your workout videos with clients. What’s your favorite way to feel the burn?

Without question, a dance cardio workout. I love me some good tunes. You put on a good song and I will just keep going like an energizer bunny. I always say, “It feels good to feel good,” so once you start moving, it releases so many endorphins and makes you want to keep doing it. 

As a mother and with the experience of working with clients post-natal, what tools (mind, fitness, nutrition) do you suggest to help improve hormone regulation, nutrition and movement?

When I had just given birth to Ellie, I had absolutely no expectations to return back to my “normal” self within any given time frame. Self-kindness was the priority. I remember being aware of the changes my body had gone through, but rather than put pressure on myself to “snap back,” I instead focused on the fact that I was literally providing nutrition to a growing child. Who cares about fitting into skinny jeans when you just need to produce enough milk and ensure you’re getting healthy fats and proteins so your kid gets everything they need?

When I eventually got back into movement, my mindset was more set on gentle, supportive movement over “going hard” at the gym. The irony is, I am way less regimented than I used to be and yet I’ve never loved my body more or felt better. Funny how that happens! When I work with clients who are post-natal now, I focus a lot more supporting hormonal balance because it’s at the crux of one’s mood, hair (hello, postpartum hair loss), energy levels, and skin elasticity. 

Lumity’s Morning & Night Female Supplement—no joke—is always at the top of my recommendation list. Not only do I love it as a part of my own daily routine in general, but it is awesome for postnatal women. It’s clinically tested and delivers just the right nutrients at just  the right time for better energy, mood, skin, hair, and skin. One of the easiest “yes’s” in my supplement routine. 

Protecting your skin is extremely important during summer, especially in sunny SoCal. What do you love that keeps your skin radiant, both inside and out?

Protecting my skin starts with antioxidant support from the inside out. Yes, hydration, sleep, rest, recovery, and detoxification are all super important. But eating antioxidant-laden foods and using skincare that leverages antioxidant-rich ingredients has become an essential part of my radiant skin routine.

Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Face Oil has been a consistent go-to in my skincare routine - its aromatherapy blend of essential oils make my twice-daily face routine feel like a straight up spa experience. I also ride or die for the Skin Nutrients 4-in-1 Cleanse, which is a do-it-all cleanser that gently exfoliates my skin without stripping it of its natural oils. I’ve found exfoliation is a must for me in the summer when I’m sweating more than usual and am trying to avoid congestion or build-up. 

Favourite piece of wellness advice you’ve been given or like to share?

My friend recently shared a video with Viola Davis where she was recalling telling her daughter, “You are the great love of your life,” encouraging her to focus on beauty from the inside out.

This has been something at the top of my mind lately. You can eat all of the kale in the world, but if you don’t love yourself or don’t take care of your mind, body, and spirit, then kale won’t do sh*t (especially if you don’t massage it lol). Be healthy, of course—exercise, eat well—but just make sure to be nice to yourself. 

Amy and her client, New Girl actor Hannah Simone.

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