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January is a month of resolutions, resets and, thankfully, results. It tends to be a month where we look forward and approach the forthcoming year with vigour and aplomb. January is when gym memberships are bought, promises are made and new traditions are formed. But resetting the algorithm is not without its stresses and complications, and never is there a time of year where a helping hand goes unappreciated.


A twice-daily skin supplement, Lumity was born out of years of research into the process of ageing. As you grow older, the body accumulates damage that can lead to inefficiencies and degeneration. Lumity’s founder and creator, Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD is a Cambridge University graduate. After years of research, fascinated by the human body and the role nutrition plays in health, Sara created a set of products that carefully support existing body functions, using the most-effective ingredients that nature has to offer.

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