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Pill poppin' - It's not just about moisturisers and SPFs

Pill poppin' - It's not just about moisturisers and SPFs

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It's not just about moisturisers and SPFs - the latest innovations in beauty work from the inside out

No one loves a supplement like a beauty editor. But (and perhaps oddly, given the crowd) while we regularly trade among ourselves the pill-shaped secrets of deeper sleep, lower stress levels and improved digestion, those capsules and tablets and tablets designed for better skin rarely feature - too unlovely to look at and somehow just not fascinating enough to mention...

Welcome to a new wave of skincare ingestibles. Glossier, higher-spec and... well, let's take Lumity, a gamechanger according to anyone taking it - including several fully hooked Red writers. Lumity's building blocks of minerals, vitamins, omegas and amino acids are nothing new. The magic, says the founder Sara Palmer Hussey, is in its twice-daily dose that supports cellular protection by day and renewal at night. And it works: not only for springy, luminescent skin but also (as we discovered) for a sharper brain, bulletproof mood and deep, velvety sleep. Then there's premium multi-vitamin Lyma, which has picked up an equally devoted following with its promise of stronger skin and hair - plus better mental clarity, energy levels and immunity. And, ohh, it's pretty (spy the hammered-copper pot all over Instagram). There's a catch, of course - both are more nail bitingly expensive than your most precious skincare serum. In which case, a targeted approach might be more feasible, as Red's features editor found when she married this summer, clear-skinned and dewy after one month of Lumity (she's planning a top-up every few months). We also stand by Advanced Nutrition Programme's excellent range of beauty supplements, now in delicately illustrated pots and perforated packs - no measuring, just tear off you daily dose and go. Also new is enticing range Aime - choose French Glow for hydration, Pure Glow for problem complexions or Urban Glow for an antioxidant boost. Say 'hello' to your new beauty fix... 

Lumity Food Supplements, £90 for one month (£76.50 on subscription)

Three in the morning, three at night, for bouncy skin, buoyant mood and all-round alchemy. 

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