The actual science behind beauty sleep explained…

Quality sleep is the best beauty and wellness investment you’ll ever make.

We know it's good for the body; sufficient sleep improves your ability to cope with stress, boosts your immune system, and facilitates better concentration, memory and emotional balance.

It also keeps you looking and feeling your best - just like Lumity!

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"Supplements that work and make me feel my absolute best. Since I started taking lumity softgels my sleep patterns have never been better."

***** - Helen, 2019
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Sleep better with Lumity

Lumity’s Morning & Night Supplements are clinically-proven to help with getting better sleep at night and boosting your energy during the day. Our placebo-controlled, double-blind, two-cell clinical trial found :

  • 84% of people noticed an improvement in their energy and fewer instances of waking up in the night
  • 88% noticed fewer energy slumps throughout the day.

The Science of Lumity
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Cell regeneration

Skin, hair and nail cells regenerate overnight and the facial muscles that create lines relax. Blood flow increases during sleep, delivering nutrients to skin, hair and nails. While your body is repairing your appearance from the inside out, night-time is also the right time to nourish and rehydrate the skin from the outside in with specifically formulated products like Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil.

Giving the body enough time through sleep to clear out waste products, repair and renew all cells is a vital step in keeping you and your skin young and healthy. So, sleep really can be your best and easiest beauty treatment ever.

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How much sleep is enough sleep?

The amount of sleep we need is individual, but generally ranges between 6 to 10 hours a night.

If you feel tired when the alarm goes off or during the day, you are probably not getting the right quantity or quality of sleep. Lumity doesn’t just provide sleep support, it promises beauty and wellness benefits, so you look and feel your best.*
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Sleep & your body

The body works best if we respect its biorhythmic cycles. Getting up and going to bed at the same time allows the body to establish a regular sleep-wake cycle and better harness the different operational modes between day and night, so that we are more alert and energized during the day and sleep more deeply and restfully at night.

During the day, your body is in action mode, busy fueling all your energy requirements, fighting off aggressors and neutralizing stress. But, while you sleep, your body switches to repair mode, blood flow increases, and the body recovers from the efforts of the day.

If restful sleep is elusive, we need to identify what might be inhibiting our sleep. Factors may include stress, excess consumption of stimulants, like coffee, cigarettes or alcohol, daytime napping, insufficient exercise and poor nutrition.

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"I’ve been using lumity now for years and have added the oil and cleanser to my supplement routine - all I can say is they all work. I’ve been healthier, sleep better and have great skin."

***** - Morag, 2019
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Tips for better sleep

Ideally, the bedroom should be free of televisions, computers and phones, and you should allow yourself a space before sleep to wind down and relax.

A warm bath, meditation and bedtime routines such as brushing your teeth, washing your face and reading a book can all trigger the body’s preparation to enter its sleep cycle.

A late-night snack can sometimes be the answer to sleeplessness as well. Carbohydrates trigger the release of insulin, which helps the sleep-inducing amino acids enter the brain to bring sleep on. Sufficient protein, which provides the amino acids necessary for occasional sleep support, is an important nutrient component of good sleep quality, as are magnesium, selenium and vitamin D – which are all included in Lumity’s night-time capsules.*

Beauty sleep is vitally important to our health and to prolonging youth. Stress management, exercise and nutrition provide the keys to enjoying the revitalizing power of beauty sleep to the fullest so you can awake feeling refreshed.

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