Immune system support & more*

On a mission to help women and men live their most fulfilling and joyful lives, Lumity is a dietary supplement that supports aging from within. This translates to multiple benefits including providing support for the immune system, skin, hair and nails, energy and providing an enhanced quality of life.*

Unlike dietary supplements formulated for isolated areas like skin, hair or nails, Lumity’s ingredients help build a comprehensive foundation offering several benefits you can see and feel, well beyond what is possible through lifestyle alone. Stay fit, healthy and strong inside and out with Lumity.*

Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, said: ‘Lumity supports your best (optimum) lifestyle so that you have the freedom, strength and energy to fully pursue what makes you happiest. When your body is strong and vibrant, you are no longer defined by your age.’

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Immunity support

Keep sick days to a minimum and support your immune system with Lumity’s powerful supplements. Lumity’s formula includes vitamins A, C and D plus the minerals selenium and zinc, which are a powerhouse combination that contribute strong immune system function, helping you stay fit.*

We won an award from The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 for Best Supplement in the immune, colds and flu category.

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For hair, skin & nails support*

Receiving compliments on your glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails will become your new normal thanks to Lumity’s formula. This includes vitamin A, iodine and zinc to help maintain radiant skin as well as the shine-boosting nutrient selenium which supports glossy hair and strong nails.*

Lumity won the Woman’s Health magazine beauty awards in 2019 and The Beauty Shortlist’s Best Supplement for Skin, Hair and Nails award in 2020.

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What our clients say

‘I love Lumity products and feel much healthier since using them. I’ve been using the supplements for almost a year and they have made a huge difference to my skin - no breakouts or dryness - my nails are stronger and my hair looks better and is thicker than ever before.’ - Heather Stewart, Lumity client.

‘I've been taking these supplements for a while now, they're amazing for hair growth and skin quality. I literally swear by them.’ - Cheryl Tweedy, singer and TV star, Fabulous magazine.

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Enhanced energy & quality sleep*

Sleep well and look fantastic. Lumity’s bedtime capsules also support the body’s natural biorhythmic cycles, ensuring quality sleep at night and more alertness and energy during the day.*

Our two-step formula’s unique combination of the amino acids l-arginine, l-lysine, and l-glutamine in the nighttime formula ensure that your body is refreshed before awakening. This leads to beaming skin texture and maintained muscle tone, strength and endurance and immune system.*

Experience the benefits

What our clients say

‘I have been taking Lumity for over a year now, it took a few months for me to feel the difference in my energy levels and sleep patterns, now they are part of my daily routine and I love how they make me feel inside and out.’ Maeve Doherty, via Trust Pilot.

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Comprehensive dietary supplement

As well as the benefits we’ve already outlined, Lumity’s unique twice daily formula also supports:

  • Brain health & focus*
  • Bones, joints, muscles & teeth*
  • Overall quality of life*
It is a comprehensive, all in one supplement, that helps support your body to function at its best on a daily basis. Costing less than one latte per day, it is an investment in maintaining your health and wellbeing.*

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