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How Lumity provides support before, during and after the menopause

How Lumity provides support before, during and after the menopause

Discover the clinically proven, award winning day and night nutritional supplements that providing support before, during and after the menopause...

As Lumity has grown, our guiding principle has remained the same; that health and beauty starts from within. We know that there are times in life where you need that extra boost or helping hand and that ageing can often make you feel less like yourself. That’s why we create innovative, science-backed, game-changing formulations that help combat the negative effects of ageing and empower people to look and feel their best, every day.

The Benefits

Lumity has been developed by a team of experts in their field and is based upon years of scientific research and clinical trials to provide nutritional support for women in all areas of their life such as providing support before, during and after the menopause.

The Lumity Morning and Night supplement contains a comprehensive combination of nutrients which support you during this life change. This includes, Vitamin B6 which supports the healthy regulation of hormonal activity, a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and strong psychological function to stabilise your mood. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, cartilage, teeth, bones and blood vessels and Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D3 which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.
Vitamin C, Magnesium and Iodine, all contribute to a healthy, energy-yielding metabolism and a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Additionally, the combination of Selenium and Iodine contribute to healthy thyroid function and the production of thyroid hormones. 

Independent Clinical Trials

Lumity Morning & Night supplement supports and contributes to hormonal balance, healthy fertility and reproduction.
Lumity commissioned an independent, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study conducted on 50 women aged 35-65 over 12 weeks.
92% noticed improved skin with fewer lines and wrinkles and increased hydration, glossy hair and strong nails.
88% Reported that they felt more alert.
84% reported that they had more energy and better sleep.
76% noticed a significant improvement in skin hydration.

Read what our customers have to say...

I swear by them for my skin and energy levels
"I have been using these beloved supplements for over 5 years now - it started with me feeling so lethargic by about 2.30pm every day and as a regular gym person and healthy eater it was a real struggle. But I read an article by Yasmin le Bon who mentioned these supplements and I’ve never looked back. I swear by them for my skin and energy levels, really feel they’ve helped with Peri/menopause symptoms too. I’m often asked my age and when people are surprised (hooray!) I always attribute it to my Lumity supplements!"
5 Stars
Christina - Lumity Morning & Night Customer (5 years)

I gave it a go and have never looked back
“I was going through quite a bad peri-menopause and so I gave it a go and have never looked back. I’ve been using the Morning & Night Supplements for about 4 years and I would say that my menopause symptoms have almost disappeared. It was an alternative for me to HRT.”
5 Stars
Claire Guy - Lumity Morning & Night Customer (4 years)

Almost two years- wont turn back
“I have been taking Lumity for nearly two years and I can honestly say I really couldn't do without it. Not only am I a changed woman in terms of energy, but the brain fog has almost gone. I have a condition called ME and also went through the menopause at 43. Lumity Morning & Night supplements are my 'go to' for vitality, clarity and immune support. Even though I have had to come off HRT, after 9 years, I am coping well with the tail end of the Menopause. Thank you Lumity”
5 Stars
Wizzy - Lumity Morning & Night Customer (2 years)

“Wow.. I noticed a difference from the first day! I have had terrible insomnia recently (possibly peri menopause) and from the first night I took these pills I have been sleeping brilliantly. It feels completely natural and nourishing (unlike other brands I have tried which used herbs to help sleep). I absolutely love these and will definitely be really-ordering.”
5 Stars
Martha - Lumity Morning & Night Customer (1 month)

Definitely would recommend
“I have been taking female Lumity supplements for a number of years to balance the effects of the menopause. It takes about 6 weeks to see and feel the benefits which are; reduced anxiety, improved sleep, amazing nails and hair growth and increased energy levels. I have occasionally thought about giving up for financial reasons but my family kindly recommended that I didn’t 😂. Definitely would recommend and thank you for your brilliant customer service over the years.”
5 Stars
Gillian - Lumity Morning & Night Customer

You won’t be disappointed, give Lumity a try
“This product has changed the whole situation with the menopause. A friend of mine, who’s a doctor, recommended Lumity as I wasn’t keen on the thought of HRT . I was struggling with sleeping & basically I had lost my mojo but with taking Lumity I am sleeping better & I feel normal again without the dread of trying to sleep. My skin seems healthier & I’m coping really well with my body’s changes through the menopause. I am 51yrs old and my advice is try this product & give it a few weeks you won’t be disappointed.”
5 Stars
Allison - Lumity Morning & Night Customer

Lumity has become part of daily routine
“Lumity supplements have really helped me during menopause, easing anxiety and helping with flushes. Customer service is second to none; any problem I have experienced has been dealt with promptly and with generosity. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.”
5 Stars
Penelope - Lumity Morning & Night Customer

I wouldn’t be without this product
“Wonderful supplements - I started using them 14 months’ ago on entering early menopause. The elasticity of my skin and condition of my hair has improved markedly. I wouldn’t be without this product now.”
5 Stars
JE - Lumity Morning & Night Customer (1 year)

It has changed my life
“I really can't recommend Lumity enough. It has changed my life. I initially had hoped to avoid the HRT route when menopause came and I managed for 1 year, just on Lumity. Now I take low dose patch oestrogen and low dose progesterone plus Lumity and I feel amazing. The most noticeable difference was my skin, hair and restless legs plus sleeping like a baby. I believe Lumity helped these by themselves. I needed the HRT more for mood swings and anxiety. Now I have the perfect combo. Such a relief to be able to enjoy life again.”
5 Stars
Deborah - Lumity Morning & Night Customer

Don’t know how I would have coped
“Don’t know how I would have coped with the menopause if I hadn’t been taking Lumity, it has helped with sleep and hot flushes and the added bonus is the facial oil which has kept my skin hydrated whilst holding back the wrinkles. I can not recommend it highly enough.”
5 Stars
Jennifer - Lumity Morning & Night Customer

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