How you can save money with Lumity

Formulated with an a complex blend of 29 ingredients, scientifically-calibrated to support your body's changing needs; our award-winning Morning & Night supplement offers a one-stop shop to health, wellness and beauty.

The simple solution⁣
Wave goodbye to plastic containers and hundreds of capsules and say hello to a unique dual-formula supplement, designed to support your body's changing needs around the clock and deliver real results.

Discover how much you could save daily.⁣⁣
Did you know, if you were to buy all of the high-quality ingredients housed in our Morning & Night formula separately - it would cost you an additional $104 every twelve weeks?⁣

Ingredient -----------------------------------Cost Per Day

Magnesium ---------------------------------- $0.64
Omega --------------------------------------- $2.22
Vitamin A ------------------------------------ $0.01
Vitamin C ------------------------------------ $0.01
Vitamin D ------------------------------------ $0.05
Zinc ------------------------------------------ $0.12
Biotin ---------------------------------------- $0.01
Turmeric Root extract ---------------------- $0.08
COenzyme Q10 ----------------------------- $0.55
N-Acetyl-L-carnitine HCI ------------------- $0.18
Vitamin B6 ----------------------------------- $0.05
Folate ---------------------------------------- $0.04
Ashwagandha ------------------------------- $0.34
L-Citrulline ----------------------------------- $0.16
Pantothenic Acid ---------------------------- $0.02
Sage ------------------------------------------ $0.13
Taurine ---------------------------------------- $0.18
Thiamine -------------------------------------- $0.01
DAILY TOTAL ------------------------------------ $4.80
12 WEEK TOTAL ------------------------------------ $403.20

⁣⁣⁣Guess what?
Lumity Morning & Night daily price--------$3.56
Lumity Morning & Night 12 week price:-------$299⁣⁣

What do our customers think?⁣
Game Changer
"Three months into taking the Morning & Night supplement and I'm addicted and I feel great! My skin is clear, my hair is glossy, my nails are indestructible and my periods are a lot easier. £74 a month may seem pricey, but you truly get what you pay for! I wish I'd have known about Lumity sooner instead of paying hundreds of pounds for countless bottles of supermarket vitamins that I end up abandoning after a week!"⁣
Cerys - Lumity Morning & Night Customer⁣


I didn't think about the benefits until I ran out!⁣
"Everything they say on the website is true! Have been taking these supplements for some time now, and not really thought about the benefits they were providing me with....until I ran out and didn't re-order! - my hair is thicker and falling out less, with skin being clearer and nails much stronger too - (touch wood) no coughs and colds have been experienced so far. I have improved mental clarity and focus - decreased aches and pains - improved sleep times and quality"⁣
KJ - Lumity Morning & Night Customer⁣

I spent more on other supplements⁣
"Overjoyed! I stopped taking Lumity for a year to save costs, ended up spending more on other supplements. Within a couple of weeks of re starting, my glow came back & complimented on looking well & as for my nails, they are so much stronger & growing so fast! The joy of painting beautiful long strong nails! Thank you Lumity. You have proved your worth!"⁣
Elizabeth - Lumity Morning & Night Customer⁣

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