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8th MARCH 2024

Q&A With Our Chairwoman Janice Gammell

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we chatted to one of the women at the helm of our company - Chairwoman Janice Gammell - to discuss the impact and vision for Lumity.
As an advocate for female empowerment, Janice shares the impact our Morning & Night supplement has had on her and the women around her, plus the milestones she’s excited to see Lumity achieve to help redefine wellbeing standards for women at all ages.

As the chairwoman of Lumity, could you share with our community how you first discovered the brand and what inspired you to become a part of its journey?

I was asked to be a part of a small group of people to trial Dr Palmer-Hussey’s Morning & Night formulation in 2015. Although initially hesitant, as I had a pretty good regime of vitamins and omega 3 in place, I was impressed with the thoroughness of the research process and the focus on formulating something that had biological rigour. 

I was truly impressed with the difference the supplements had on my health over a 12-week period.  My sleep was deeper, and I woke up more alert, my skin was brighter, I had more energy which led to a better mood and my nails grew.  Best of all, my pre-menstrual symptoms had significantly improved. Before Lumity I had started taking tranexamic acid because of super heavy flow and now I could throw this medication in the bin.

This was a product I needed in my life, and I got involved because selfishly I wanted to ensure I could buy it for myself.

Lumity is known for its commitment to women's health and empowerment. What aspect(s) of Lumity's mission resonates with you the most, and how do you personally connect with the brand's values?

I love that the products are designed as tools to help you live life on your terms – there is no ideal Lumity way, just your way.  It is all about circadian rhythm and balance – day and night, work and play, the ups and downs. The Morning & Night supplement supports us no matter how our systems show up each day and the skin nutrients products are so nourishing and effective. It’s the perfect capsule collection, in a world strewn with complex and often contradictory wellness advice.

Can you share the impact that Lumity Morning & Night has had on your life?

I have shared above the initial impact of the supplement which was so powerful. I’m eight years older now and am experiencing a range of hormonal changes. However, I firmly believe that Lumity Morning & Night, alongside other lifestyle commitments like yoga, walking, cold showers, healthier eating, choices etc. has helped me navigate this stage of life well thus far. I continue to have good sleep which is something I am so grateful for. On a more practical level my hairdresser is astounded at how fast and strong hair grows and my dentist gives my gum health full marks. Both areas of marked improvement. It’s hard to know what would happen if I stopped taking Lumity but to be honest it is a risk I’m not keen to take!

The women's health movement has gained significant momentum in recent years. How do you see Lumity contributing to this movement, and what role do you think the brand plays in empowering women within the broader context of wellness?

Once anyone has read the book Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez, they are left in no doubt how much of a challenge it is for women’s differences to be recognised. At the core of this is our health and wellbeing needs. I believe true change needs to start with educating girls at a young age to understand and own their natural biological journey and how different life choices impact at certain life stages. I am very pleased that awareness of the phases of menopause is growing, and good accessible information is facilitating conversations to happen amongst women, across genders and generations. There are some great brands who put women’s needs first and seek to engage further through establishing trust that their products are designed by women for women. I believe Lumity is one of these brands, it is not preachy or promising the earth, but keeps true to its commitment to deliver products to support healthy ageing and lets its customers do the talking.  

Lumity has become an advocate for female empowerment in the wellness industry. From your perspective, how has the brand made a positive impact on the lives of women, and what stories or feedback from customers (or your network) stand out to you?

I have had the privilege of being at customer research groups and I always come away feeling like I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders. The stories of how our products impact on the daily lives of women (and men) leaves me energised but also with a sense of responsibility to ensure the brand does not let anyone down. One of my favourite moments was watching my son play sports and overhearing a woman recommend Lumity to a group of Mums, it had helped her sleep and energy levels so much.  Recently, my stepson’s partner who is in her 30s shared that she and three of her friends from Uni days swear by Lumity supplements, all experience different benefits, ranging from better sleep to menstrual improvements and glowing skin.  I love this image of four young women at a busy stage in their lives loving Lumity.

As a leader in the industry, what advice would you give to women navigating their wellness journeys and looking to make positive lifestyle changes?

I am no oracle on how to live a healthy life, but I am happy to share my thoughts. Food is a major contributor to how you feel. I eat when I am hungry, which usually starts at 11am and ends by 8pm. I am a snacker, so I stay well away from the kitchen when I am working from home. I drink herbal tea to hydrate (I find water so boring) and mint or fennel tea after eating. I prefer to walk everywhere, and I practise yoga to energise and calm in equal measure. I track my cycle and avoid drinking any alcohol at certain times as the impact can be intense. I have a cold shower every day and I love a good dance around the kitchen. I never weigh myself but check in whether I’m feeling heavy or light in my body and dress accordingly. My best tip is to have compassion for yourself. Easier said than done I know but caring about myself, means I make better choices, one of these being spending hard earned money on supplements that work.

As someone actively involved in shaping Lumity's future, how do you see the brand evolving to continue supporting and empowering women in the years to come?

One of my biggest hopes is that we can move away from pigeon-holding people by their chronological age. I don’t just mean in the media and in society but also in our healthcare system.  I believe that biological age should be considered when thinking about how to support or improve someone’s health or treat an illness/disease. This is especially the case when we are older and fall into certain age tick boxes which define protocols. At Lumity we believe our formulations support the youthful efficiency of your biological system, therefore it should have a positive impact on how you are ageing. I am very excited about the plans we have to test and measure this over the coming year. As a brand we could play a small part in a huge area of change over the years ahead.

Are there any milestones or goals you hope to achieve, to further Lumity's impact on women's wellness?

At Lumity, community is the heart of everything we do. On a mission to foster connections and provide a supportive space for conversation, we’re inspired by the women empowering each other throughout their wellness journeys. We recognise that our commitment to female empowerment must start within our workplace - last year we signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge to support those navigating their own menopausal journeys within our team.

The ever-evolving needs of the women within our community have a direct impact on our product development too - this year we’ll be continuing to explore the advances in scientific research and innovation to ensure that our products consistently meet the needs of our customers.

An incredibly important and exciting milestone that I’m so proud to share, (you heard it here first) is our recent attainment of B Corp Certification! A huge milestone for our team - who have dedicated huge amounts of focus and determination to build a brand we are proud of. As one of the only supplement brands to have achieved B Corp status, we hope this news highlights our ambition and commitment to social and environmental responsibility within the wellness industry.

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