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18th APRIL 2024

Relax, Rest & Digest with Lauren Raby

Meet Lauren Raby (@saiki .wellness), a certified Sound Healing Practitioner and Founder of Saiki Wellness. Lauren specialises in guiding individuals to reconnect & restore their mind-body-spirit balance through sound therapy.

We asked Lauren about the products she can’t live without, and the moments of self care that help her unwind.

What is your wellness non-negotiable?
My wellness non-negotiables are exercise and sound healing. Whether that’s going to the gym to do weights or cardio, or sometimes doing a pilates or boxing class. As well as sharing a lot of sound healings, I made a promise to myself that this year I would attend more sound baths - and I’m really enjoying it!

Which little act of self care do you do daily?
I’d say my night time routine is my daily act of self care. I take my time to do a full cleanse and finish with my Lumity Facial Oil and jade gua sha tool. Then I take my Lumity Night Female Supplements. They’ve really helped to improve the quality of my sleep and I feel so rested in the morning. I’ve really gone all in on my evening habit stacking! But I give myself ample time to really enjoy and be present with the whole process rather than seeing it as another thing to do.

What is your go-to skincare product?
I love using Lumity’s face and body oils with my jade gua sha tool. I’ve become so much more aware of looking after my skin in recent years. As I get older, I feel more conscious about what supplements I’m taking, as well as what I’m putting on my skin topically. As much as I try to keep the best possible diet (most of the time - I’m a foodie so I do enjoy a meal out!) to cover a lot of what my body needs naturally, it’s good to know the supplements are supporting my body too. So, the combination of Lumity’s Morning and Night Female supplements and the oils are really working for me.

How do you wind down?
I love taking a bath. For years, I was always a shower only kind of girl but now I love the opportunity for a long bath. So soothing! I like candles, music, bath salts and oils, the works. I sometimes hold tension in my jaw so my night time jade gua sha ritual with Lumity face oil is my go-to for winding down.

What can you tell the #LumityCollective about Sound Baths that they might not already know?
So, sound baths are amazing for slowing down our heart and breathing rates, moving from a fight or flight response into a rest and digest state where our body can start to heal itself. But it’s also really effective for gaining clarity of mind. The ‘monkey mind’ quietens because we enter a meditative state where we can observe thoughts coming and going but not get swept away with them. If something has been on my mind and I can’t decide what to do about it, I set an intention to find clarity by the end of the sound bath, then I completely let go of thinking about it for the duration of the sound bath. By the end, after that deep rest, I’ll know what to do about it. It always works.