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Supportive Spaces

Supportive Spaces

The Importance Of Creating Supportive Spaces During Your Menopausal Journey
As we come to the end of Menopause Awareness Month, we're not just highlighting the challenges and changes that come with this transformative phase; we're also focusing on the power of creating supportive spaces...

At Home: Nurturing Habits and Self-Care

As you go through your menopause journey, it's essential to nurture habits that promote well-being at home.


Prioritise sleep
Invest in a comfortable mattress and blackout curtains to improve your sleep quality and keep your bedroom cool for a more restful night.


Dedicate a part of your home for physical activities like yoga or stretching, staying active is important as many women experience joint and muscle pain and stiffness around the time of menopause.


Our award-winning Morning & Night supplement has been expertly formulated to offer hormonal support, enhance sleep quality, and increase energy levels, precisely addressing the unique challenges women face during menopause. Our comprehensive approach aids in managing symptoms and promoting overall well-being throughout this transformative phase.


In The Workplace: Meet Anna Allerton, Your Menopause Mentor and Coach

We're delighted to have Anna Allerton, a leading expert in menopause and workplace wellness, to help guide you through the often-overlooked journey of menopause in the workplace.


Discover your workplace policies

“Reach out to your people and HR teams to ask what support is there to help you during this time. In the absence of a menopause policy, they may have other layers of support that they can share with you.”


Adapt your routine to best suit you
“Start logging your symptoms with cycle logging apps to help feed back data e.g. your insomnia may come at certain times of the month and so you could look at starting work later at these times.”

Introduce action-led behaviour
“Taking ownership of an action-led mindset helps you to embrace working smarter. For example, when you feel your mood is getting heavier, have the confidence to extract yourself e.g. a toilet break and re-group and take a beat in that moment.”
Created in partnership with Anna Allerton, leading Perimenopause and Menopause Business Consultant and Executive Coach

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