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29th MAY 2024

The Menopause Knowledge Gap

In Partnership with GenM

At Lumity, we believe knowledge is power, and that having a deeper understanding of what is happening in your body can enable you to make decisions that put you back in control. We're dedicated to providing you with resources to help you thrive during menopause and beyond.

That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with GenM - whose mission is to empower women with the choice and control they need to manage their menopause, their way.

Women in 2023 are more fearful of the menopause than they were in 2020.

Far too few women, and society as a whole, can name more than just 5 of the 48 menopause symptoms that exist. GenM's Invisibility Report highlights the importance of education and pushing for greater visibility of the needs for women in mid life as of the women surveyed

  • Only 1 in 4 felt they are reasonably informed about the effects of the menopause
  • 42% knew nothing or very little about the emotional and mental effects of menopause
  • 50% couldn't name any phases of the menopause
  • 46% hadn’t come across the term perimenopause
  • 51% of women can name only 3 of the 48 symptoms assosiated with the menopause
  • Hot flushes and mood swings are the most known symptoms, followed by brain fog/memory loss, insomnia, night sweats and weight loss.
  • Less than 15% of women could name depression, anxiety or irritability as a menopause symptom, despite research findings showing that these are in the top ten most debilitating symptoms which have a negative impact on women’s lives.

The invisible mental and emotional impact

Many of the symptoms of menopause manifest as emotional responses, and in the absence of knowledge about the impact of the menopause can be easily attributed to other causes or reasons. In fact, 50% of menopausal and post-menopausal women reference a non-physical symptom when describing their experiences. This figure is even higher among those who are experiencing the perimenopause.

When asked how much those close to them knew about the mental and emotional effects of the menopause, 75% of women said their sons or daughters knew nothing or very little, with over two thirds of women saying their partner knows nothing or very little. This research indicates a need to better educate and inform support networks about the invisible but often debilitating symptoms that their loved ones may experience.

So, what can be done to close the menopause knowledge gap?

GenM is calling for brands and retailers to deliver better product solutions for the 13 million peri or post- menopausal women in the UK.

At Lumity, we're delighted to champion this mission. We exist to help women thrive and feel their absolute best, whatever their life stage, we know it’s crucial to participate in the conversations that improve the women's’ health landscape.

Our clinically-proven Morning & Night supplement has been designed to provide holistic nutritional support to help alleviate symptoms of the menopause. Housing a comprehensive blend of ingredients including, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine, Morning & Night has been clinically proven to improve:

  • Energy & focus
  • Hormonal balance
  • Sleep quality
  • Collagen formation
  • Immunity
  • Skin hair and nails
  • Protection against oxidative stress
"We’re excited to discover more about how we can best serve our customers; through education, innovation and, crucially, recognition. We’re very proud to be part of such an important movement driving positive change."
- Emily, Lumity Brand Director